Grand RE-Opening Celebration

With music, food & drinks and the introduction of THE DIY MARKETPLACE!!

Saturday July 11th — 10 am to 2 pm

Come support our DIY Small Business Members and our re-opening after a rough start to 2020. To help the small business community we serve, we have developed THE DIY MARKETPLACE, in which we showcase the amazing products produced by our members/small businesses. From hand-made wooden crosses, wooden chests, drift wood decor, custom barn future, KC ARROWHEAD plaques all the way to custom coffee tables, end tables, cabinets and more! Many items in the showroom will be available for purchase, with the rest available for custom orders. OUR MEMBERS WILL KEEP 100% OF THEIR SALES TO RESTART/GROW THEIR BUSINESSES. COME SUPPORT AND CELEBRATE THEM WITH US! For each future event, we will have more and more small businesses showcased, as well as “The Artist Of The Month”. Come on July 11th to see and learn more–or to get involved. We look forward to seeing you there!

Other Key Dates/Info:

Tour Days/Times:

In order to keep our touring guests safe and to avoid disruptions to our current members/staff, we prefer to schedule all touring of the facility. We will be conducting tours of our facility on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10a & 6p and also on Saturdays at 10a & 2p. We expect the tours to last approximately 30-45 mins. Please contact us to schedule an appointment on the days and times listed above. We look forward to seeing you!!