Welcome To The DIY Woodshop!


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Makerspaces are growing in popularity in the US and around the world. Many of these locations support the “DIY Movement” and offer a wide variety of services for hobbyists and those wanting to learn.

However, few of these places provide the equipment necessary for professionals and the serious hobbyists and that’s where we come in. We offer a full line of machines, power tools, hand tools and other necessities and amenities to each member (see Shop page). The DIY Woodshop brings the world of woodworking to all ages and skill levels. Members will have convenient access to our shop, located on the lower level in the back of our building (East side). Professionals will also have the ability to use our newly installed overhead door for ease of loading and unloading lumber.

Located in the heart of Olathe, Kansas, The DIY Woodshop serves as a place where a diverse group of people, despite age and skill-sets, can come together as a whole to help each other grow and learn—as well as enjoy a sense of community.

It is our hope to provide our youth with a creative environment and the discipline that comes from woodworking, as well as an avenue to learn the necessary skills to get into professions that are rapidly lacking qualified experts and spark a love of woodworking in general. We will soon offer children’s DIY parties (pre-cut, easy to assemble and decorate items) and group parties (think wine and paint classes), in the upstairs area of our facility, which will be accessible through our front entrance, on the West side of our building. Our community woodshop affords a much-needed opportunity to lend a sense of enjoyment and achievement in creating something with your own hands instead of being constantly consumed by technology and lets us just enjoy life like we did back in the olden days.


Our hope is to work with the local school districts to provide programs for the youth, introducing them to the various professions that woodworking can lead to. We have already spoken with several Scout groups to assist them with derby cars, merit badges and other learning opportunities.

In addition to the focus on working with local schools and youth groups, The DIY Woodshop plans to partner with several other organizations and charities that will allow us to provide training and other services to our military, first responders, single parents, mentally and/or physically disabled individuals and many more. We will have trained teachers that specialize in education for those with autism, PTSD and other challenges.

We also plan to be a sponsor for other woodworking organizations in the area, to help promote woodworking even further. Please feel free to contact us should you have any ideas or suggestions on opportunities to partner with those in our community!